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Simple, Safe, and Secure Uniformed Security

Uniformed Security Guards are the core of our security services at 1Northwest. These dependable and flexible security guards are equally at home in retail, the public sector or industrial settings. We understand their role in providing a visible deterrent to crime, that’s why our uniformed security guards are expertly trained to respond to threats and protect your property with the highest standards of professionalism. We offer both regular uniformed security guards and tactical uniform security guards depending on your needs. Next time you need to hire a uniformed security guard, Canada’s number one security company is standing by to assist.

Why Are Uniformed Security Guards Important?

Crime flourishes when environmental conditions allow it to, and most petty crimes are crimes of opportunity. Uniformed security guards address both of these issues, acting as an effective visible barrier while adopting a customer service-based approach for customers and visitors alike.

When you station a uniformed security guard at your property, it sends a powerful signal to criminals that their activities are being monitored, and security guards are standing by should they attempt to engage in criminal behaviour. 

Typical Duties of a Uniformed Security Guard

Highly Visible Crime Prevention

Frontline Emergency Response

Observe and Report Suspicious Activity

Follow Existing Security Procedures

Crowd Control in Busy Settings

Access Control

CCTV Monitoring

Receiving Guests and Visitors

Loss Prevention

Pacify and Handle Criminals Until Police Support Arrives

Where Are Uniformed Security Guards Used?

At 1Northwest Security our uniformed security guards are the backbone of our security services. Across all manner of industries and settings, their professionalism and training ensure we can provide the industry leading service levels our clients have come to expect. Here are some of the typical settings you’ll find our uniformed security guards.

    • Retailers
    • Shopping Malls
    • Public Sector Buildings
    • Institutions/Schools
    • Warehouses
    • Construction Sites
    • Large Events

Uniformed Retail Security

1Northwest Security possesses years of experience providing uniformed security guards to some of Canada’s largest national retailers. We’re proud of our record of upholding their reputation while protecting their staff and company assets. As part of our dedication to world class security service, our retail security guards undergo a full customer service training program to ensure your customers are met with a warm and professional welcome every time. 1Northwest Security is an NRF member.

Public Sector Security Guards

In our modern world, public buildings have unfortunately become targets for criminal behaviour. We provide responsive and thoughtful protection in settings such as hospitals, parks, schools and civic buildings. We understand public sector budgets can be tight, that’s why we’re happy to create a custom security plan that’s respectful of your budgetary needs.

Industrial Security Guards

As the cost of raw materials continues to soar, the need for uniformed security guards in industrial settings has grown alongside it. Whether it’s a warehouse, building site, dock or storage facility, we can provide security solutions based on your unique needs. We offer gatehouse staff, vehicle searches and general site security solutions.

1Northwest Security Guards and Services

As the role of security professionals continues to evolve, 1Northwest Security saw the need to train our staff to handle any scenario in a calm and reassuring manner. That’s why we created our pioneering 1Northwest Academy training program. 

Delivered via our own in-house team and exterior experts, our comprehensive training program encompasses areas like St. John’s Mental Health Training, Indigenous Awareness Training, and Conflict Resolution. If your current security provider doesn’t offer this level of training, perhaps it’s time to upgrade.

Modules include:

Customer Service Training

Verbal and Written Communication Training

Incident Report Writing

CCTV Training

Access and Crowd Control Training

Incident De-Escalation Training

Basic and Advanced Security Training

Trespass to Property Training

Crisis Management Training

Emergency Response Management Training

Weapons Awareness and Avoidance Training

Occupational Health (OFA) Training
WHMIS Training

Above all else, our guards must hold a valid security license for the province they operate in. 

Real-Time Reporting

Many of 1Northwest Security’s most popular services utilize the power of TrackTik technology for real-time reporting. Based on GPS tracking, this app allows our security guards to work smarter, more efficiently, and cover more ground. Via GPS pings, clients can watch the progress of security patrols in real time via an app or live dashboard that also includes critical details like pictures and reports from the field.

We Are Always Here to Help Serve Our Community by Providing the Best in Class Security Service.

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