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Transport Security Guards and Services

Transport security guards and services in Ontario, Canada. Crime against transportation and delivery services has been rising across Ontario in recent years. Opportunist theft, organised crime, and hijacking are costing the industry billions of euros a year.

While ensuring vehicles and their loads are protected from departure to destination is important, the safety of drivers and other staff is paramount.

1Northwest Security provides a full suite of security measures to cut crime-related losses and protect deliveries during loading and unloading and while travelling on busy transport networks across Ontario, Canada.

Our transport security guards have the training, skills, and experience to deliver security in a variety of settings including:


    • Distribution networks
    • Road transport escorting
    • Secure transport for cash, jewellery and documents
    • Maritime security
    • Secure executive transport

Retail Security Services

Efficient and effective security solutions delivered by experts


Our security guards can secure your deliveries and personnel from departure to destination. Whether travelling on the roads, railways, or by sea, we have specialists available to cover all eventualities. 1Northwest security guards are carefully selected, robustly vetted, and trained to the highest international standards. Wherever you are in Ontario, we can provide suitably licenced and accredited personnel

Whether you need specialist security guards to protect cargo ships from piracy, onboard security officers for luxury yachts, or general security support and customer management services in docks and ports around Ontario, 1Northwest Security has experienced maritime security teams ready to go to work.

Whatever the delivery or the type of vehicle delivering it, we can supply highly trained security specialists to escort your delivery. If you need armed personnel we can supply fully licenced professionals. Escorting services can either be onboard the vehicle or accompanying the delivery in marked or unmarked vehicles. When border crossings are needed we can arrange the details and if necessary have one of our teams waiting on the other side of the border for continued security

With luxury and armoured vehicles at our disposal, we can provide secure executive transport along with a highly qualified close protection specialist. A professional solution to protect high-level corporate executives, politicians and anyone else likely to be at risk when travelling around Ontario, Canada.

A secure vehicle with a security-trained driver is the safest way to ensure that small yet high-value packages, for example, large sums of cash or expensive jewellery, are delivered safely. This is also an effective option for businesses that need confidential or sensitive documents delivered urgently and safely
Through central control rooms and monitoring stations, we can use the latest tracking and monitoring technology to maintain a watch over high-value deliveries. From geo-location to the onboard security systems, if you need a constant watch on the safety and security of a vehicle, we can provide constant real-time monitoring and initiate an emergency response if anything untoward occurs

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Why choose 1Northwest Security for transport security?

Northwest Security has the teams, the technology, and the resources to offer an effective and efficient transport security service. With decades of experience in Ontario, Canada. When you need end-to-end protection for value deliveries, talk to the experts.

Make Northwest Security, your trusted partner in transport security services, and start noticing the difference it makes when you deal with experienced professionals. With decades of experience and a proven track record of success, we are the go-to transport security company for businesses of all sizes.

At Northwest Security, we understand the importance of building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients. That’s why we take a personalised approach to every project, working closely with you to develop customised security solutions that not only address your security risks but also fit with your business.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, and our team of highly trained security professionals is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and protection. From the transportation of valuable goods to securing your warehouse facilities, why not put us to the test?

      • Vast experience in transport security
      • Route planning and risk assessment
      • Rigorously vetted and highly trained security guards
      • Central monitoring stations connected to emergency response services
      • Transparent and competitive pricing
      • Security designed around your circumstances
      • 24/7 backup and support services
      • Short- or long-term assignments are welcome

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