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Our experienced and professional staff members are well trained and ready to deal with business or personal operations of any nature. We continuously supervise our staff and mobile patrol security teams by physically visiting the sites and administering regular checkups. We are always working hard to provide quality security service in the Thunder Bay area that will suit our customer’s needs. The key to our success is our implementation of best professional practices to ensure the quality of work we are providing to our clients stays at an optimal level. All of our guards will encompass the ideals of our company and will be educated accordingly to enable them to make the best decisions in a variety of situations. 1 Northwest is committed to improving the security of relief operations and staff. It aims to increase safe access by agencies to people affected by emergencies. 1Northwest Security was created to establish a more prominent role for security risk and range of guarding services. Northwest Security Ontario,Canada provides customized security solutions to meet your unique security needs. We specialize in: On demand special Security Guard Services ,Mobile Patrol ,Remote Video Monitoring ,Integrated Guarding Solutions ,Commercial Building Security ,Reception and Concierge Services ,Security Service for Financial Institutes ,24/7 Security Operations and Condominium Security Services. 1Northwest Thunder Bay Security Services. Contact your local Thunder Bay 1Northwest branch at +1 807 GO Northwest (623-7417) for reliable security services to protect your people and assets. Canada’s Best Employers, two years running. We are the industry leading provider of professional security services, security services contract, security services contractor, contract for security services, contract For providing security services, security company contracts, contract for security guards
,security guard contract, private security, security guard companies are defined as companies primarily engaged in providing guard and patrol services, such as mobile patrol, guard services , Industrial Security Service, parking security and uniformed security guard services. Northwest Security is an award winning local security provider that is known for their innovation, excellent value, and fantastic customer service.

We Are Always Here to Help Serve Our Community by Providing the Best in Class Security Service.

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