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Northwest Security is Orangeville Ontario’s Best security guard online training centre, and approved training provider. Online Security Training for only $99 + HST per person (includes course materials).  We prepare our students to write and PASS the Ontario Security Guard Test as required by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, in order to acquire the mandatory Security Guard License. Our Security License Course contains the mandatory 32 hour syllabus enforced by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. Our Basic Security Training Course gives you everything you need to prepare for your Ontario Security Guard Licence test.

Mandatory Training And Testing For Private Security Industry

New requirements for the training and testing of security guards and private investigators working in Ontario will establish higher professional standards.

A new basic Training and Testing Regulation, under the Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005 will:

  • Starting April 15, 2010, require those applying to become security guards or private investigators who have not been issued a licence before this date to undergo a mandatory training program and pass a test before they can be licensed.
  • Beginning July 16, 2010, require existing security guard or private investigator licence holders to pass the mandatory test prior to the expiry of their current licence in order to complete its renewal.

The act is the first update of private security legislation since 1966 and has helped modernize the industry by establishing a code of ethics, setting standards for uniforms and vehicles and requiring all practitioners in the industry to be trained and licensed. 

We offer a comprehensive private security guard training program Ontario security guard licensing training course Online security training that is aligned with the Ontario Ministry’s 32hr syllabus and meets Ministry requirements. Ontario Security guard licence offers security training, security guard course and long-term career opportunities for individuals. Guaranteed Success!

Northwest Security guard basic training courses must be at least 40 hours long, including certification in emergency first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Private investigator basic training Private investigator basic training courses must be at least 50 hours long, and CPR certification is not required.

Private Security Guard Agencies are hiring residential condominium security guards, mobile patrol guards, high profile security guards and commercial security guards. Regardless of what type of security job you are looking for in Ontario, all security guards must be licensed under the Ministry of The Solicitor General.

Security guards play a vital role in protecting residents and businesses from trespassers and ensuring people follow laws and procedures. Our course will teach you the skills you need to pass your Ministry exam and provide valuable knowledge as you begin your security guard job.

All our trainees follow the mandatory guidelines and 40 hour syllabus needed to qualify for the security guard exam.

MINISTRY OF COMMUNITY SAFETY AND CORRECTIONAL SERVICES mandates course for security guards. This course is required to be 40 hours in length and includes Emergency First Aid and CPR training at Level C according to the Ministry. The course will be conducted online and you will just need to attend 3.5 hours in a classroom setting. This is the breakdown of the Security Guard Training content. 33.5 hours of exactly what is listed below are directly related to the training, while 6.5 hours are related to CPR and First Aid Training.

How do I take my Security Guard license in Ontario? Easy! Take your Ontario security guard training online and learn the lessons at your own pace.

Why Northwest Security Training?

With more and more organizations hiring security professionals, the demand for licensed security guards has increased tremendously. And because of this insatiable need, many people are finding great new careers. So, if you’re planning to become a security guard, now is the time to enter that field. With Northwest Security Training, you’ll have access to all the tools you need to succeed in your chosen profession.

We at we true North Security Training provide you with a wide range of courses in the fields of criminal justice and law enforcement. We have a team of trained and skilled professionals to help you become the best in your field.

We provide comprehensive training that includes everything you need to become a responsible security guard.

Our goal is to help make Canada a safer for all by giving you the best security training available in Ontario. You can rely on us as your go-to resource for training and advice as you embark on a career as a security guard. Moreover, our prices are reasonable.


Do you want to make a difference and serve your community? The Law and Security program provides students with the foundation, knowledge and basic skills needed for successful employment in the field of policing.

Main Duties

  • Patrol assigned areas to maintain public safety and order and to enforce laws and regulations
  • Investigate crimes and accidents, secure evidence, interview witnesses, compile notes and reports and provide
  • Testimony in courts of law.
  • Provide emergency assistance to victims of accidents, crimes and natural disasters.
  • Participate in crime prevention, public information and safety programs.
  • May supervise and coordinate the work of other police officers.
  • Security guards control access to establishments, operate security control-room equipment and patrol assigned areas to guard against theft, vandalism and fire, enforce regulations to maintain order and resolve conflicts and to monitor establishment activities; ensure safety and emergency procedures are followed; issue passes and direct visitors to appropriate areas, check age identification of patrons, and perform security checks of passengers and luggage at airports.
  • Career Options What Students Could Be:

    • Police Officer – Federal, Provincial or Municipal
    • Provincial Offences Officer
    • Transit Police Officer
    • Canadian Border Services Agency Officer
    • Probation and Parole Officer
    • Special Constable
    • Provincial Offences Officer
    • By-Law Enforcement Officer 
    • Federal or Provincial Correctional Officer
    • Security Guard

    Work Locations:

    • Police Services
    • Transit Authorities (E.g. GO Transit, Transit Commission)
    • Banks
    • Retail Companies – Loss Prevention
    • Youth and Community Service Organizations
    • Event Management Security
    • Security Companies

    Career Options

    • Security Guard
    • Canada Border Patrol
    • Corrections Officer
    • Police Officer
    • Armored Truck Attended/Operator

Take Your Security Guard Training in Ontario

To be a security guard in Ontario, you must pass the Ontario Security Guard Licence exam as outlined by the of Ministry of The Solicitor General . Our Security Guard Training course will give you all the knowledge you need to pass the exam. To get your license, you are also required to take a one day Emergency First Aid Training course.

Why training with Northwest Security and take our online security guard course?

The Northwest difference

Ministry approved expert created courses

What a security guard is permitted to do while on duty is strictly regulated — that’s why you need to be trained by experts who follow Ministry guidelines. Our course is created by experienced private security experts and follows the syllabus that the Ministry of The Solicitor General has outlined to prepare Ontario’s security guards of tomorrow. Our course follows that syllabus so you can pass your exam and meet the qualifications necessary to apply for your license.

Exam Preparation

You won’t find a better exam preparation than our online Security Guard Course. Our lessons will teach you the essential skills and knowledge to pass your exam and prepare you for a rewarding career. We’ve also made sure that every detail of the Ministry-approved curriculum is included along with practical exercises including a practice exam, that you can do at home.

Real-life preparation

Working as a security guard, most encounters you have will be positive and you will deal with calm and reasonable people on a daily basis. However, there are times when this isn’t true and not everyone you come into contact with is going to be friendly or cooperative. That’s why we feel it’s just as important to provide real life training in addition to what you need to know to pass your exam. Being prepared for real-life situations that you may encounter while working in the security field will give you peace of mind that you will be confident in your guarding abilities once you are working.

Flexible online courses

Take your courses online, and learn the modules at your leisure, anywhere, anytime! You will have 24/7 access to our 33.5-hour course for as long as you need to complete it. Once you’ve completed the course and taken your Emergency Level First Aid Training, you can book your exam date at the nearest location with the Training Completion Number (TCN) that we issue you.

Additional Training

To give you that competitive edge in addition to our security guard course you can take other training such as:

Private Investigator Training Course: offered on its own or paired with the Security Guard Course. Why not take both and get a dual license for even more security job opportunities? (Even if you don’t intend on ever being a private investigator, our private investigator training will teach you legal and practical information that will make you a well-rounded in-demand security professional.)

Use of Force Coursethis course will prepare you how to defend yourself if necessary, and when and how to use force. It will provide training on how to use force and the legal limitations when confronting an individual. Pairing a Use of Force Certification with your Ontario Security Guard Licence will show potential employers you take your duties seriously and may give you a competitive advantage.

Northwest Security Provides Security Guard License Training. Our Course are available online 24/7 to everyone.

If you’re looking to become a security professional and get your security guard license than look no further! We’re Ontario top provider of online security guard training for a reason. Start on your path to becoming a security professional in Ontario and sign up for your security guard course today!

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Our Security License Training Program is based on your Schedule. Courses are all online and available 24/7 via any smartphone, tablet or computer. We offer a comprehensive private security guard training program that is aligned with the Ontario Ministry's 32hr syllabus and meets Ministry requirements. Northern Security offers training and long-term career opportunities for individuals.
Register For Your Security Guard Licensing Course Training Today!

Our Security License Course contains the mandatory 40 hour syllabus enforced by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

Do you want to be a Security Guard in Ontario and need your Security License? Getting a Security Guard License in the province of Ontario requires an applicant to complete a few steps, explained in this guide:

How to Become a Security Guard.

  1. Complete your security guard training from a Ministry approved security guard training provider either online or in-class. We are approved by the Ministry to offer online security guard training where students can login at anytime and there are no time limits in completing the course. We have trained students in Thunder Bay and have the required Emergency First Aid and CPR included. Once you complete the course and complete the First Aid you are issued a Training Completion Number (TCN).
  2. Using the Training Completion Number issued to you, you can now book the test with the Ministry. There are 60 Multiple Choice questions (MCQs). You have 75 minutes to complete the test. The passing score is 62% and there are no limits on the number of attempts. The test is taken at one of the Drive Test locations across Ontario, the same place where you complete your driving test.
  3. Once you pass your test, apply for your security guard license through Service Ontario. We suggest applying online for the quickest response. They will perform a criminal records check and you will declare any unpaid fines and parking tickets. Not all criminal offences prevent you from getting your license, see the list of criminal offenses.

If you have further questions about our security guard training or the licensing process, contact us on live chat or email us at  If you are ready, you can start our online security guard training to get your security guard license in Ontario.

Free Security Training

Northwest Security provides free security guard license training.  Northwest Security can help you attain your security guard license training at no cost, provided that you qualify for an available position with We the North Security and receive a conditional offer of employment.  To apply for a Security guard or Concierge position at Northwest Security, click on this link to visit the Career Section.

Applicants do need to complete the CPR and first aid training requirement at their own expense.  It’s recommended to complete this training from a reputable first aid training organization such as Red Cross, or St. Johns Ambulance.  Applicants would also need to pass the security license exam administered by the Ontario government and as well, apply for and successfully pass the security license application process required by the government.  The 40 hour mandated security training requirement is provided at completely at no cost by North Security.

Free Training?  What’s the catch?

The only catch to receiving free security guard training from Northern Security is that there must be a strong match between an open position and an applicant’s skills, experience, abilities and other requirements to be offered employment.  If there is no match, then the company will not offer the applicant a position, and as such that applicant will not receive the free security guard training benefit.  It is important to note that Northwest Security does require all of its Security Guard Personnel to have a valid Ontario Security Guard Licence prior to assigning them to work.  Working as a Security Guard without a license is not permitted, and Northwest Security Services is fully in compliance with all local laws, acts, and regulations. 

Does Northwest Security Free Security Training meet all government requirements?

Yes, Northwest security training is done through a combination of instructor-led and in-class training together with online self-directed training.  Northwest Security instructors even guide and help new hires through the steps required to attain the security license and provide support every step of the way.

What should I do first? Apply for security jobs, or get my Security License?

It can be a long and frustrating experience to go through the entire process of obtaining a security guard license (which can take 4 weeks or more), only to then go job seeking, which might take a few weeks or months. The emotional stress you will need to endure can be reduced and even eliminated by securing a job first. Especially if this position is at a company with which you share values.

If you need a job quickly, this 4 week average process can be difficult to manage.  However, if you apply for a security job first, and get the position (conditional upon attaining a security license) then you feel much more relaxed, stress-free, confident, and motivated.  

Northwest Security staff will be pleased to assist new hires by providing extra support with passing the government-issued security exam, or by helping with the licence application process or guarantor form. 

Can I apply for a position at Northwest Security without a security license?

Yes! Northwest Securiy is always looking for motivated, enthusiastic to learn new skills, with goals that align with the security guard or condominium concierge fields.

What kind of culture and work environment does Northwest Security offer?

Northwest Security is a leading and innovative security provider in the Ontario which believes strongly in the value of its team. Established in 1980, Northwest has developed industry-leading training programs and built trademarked and field-tested systems in customer service and conflict management. Northwest Security is a security company well-established as an excellent place to advance and develop both professionally and personally. Northwest Security is continually improving, and individuals with shared values will have many opportunities to thrive and advance. Northwest Security Provides Security Guard License Ontario Training. Our Course are available online 24/7 to anyone with internet.





A security guard license allows you to work in a job where you mainly protect persons or property.

This includes working as a:
1. Security guard
2. Concierge
3. Bodyguard
4. Bouncer
5. Or loss prevention employee

A valid license card is required to work as a security guard. Working without a valid license is a violation of the Ontario Private Security and Investigative Services Act.

If you are currently licensed from another Canadian province or territory, you might be exempt from Ontario training and testing.


1. 18 years of age or older.
2. Eligible to work in Canada.
3. Clean criminal record in Canada.
4. Able to pass the Security Guard Test (government
5. Comfortable with the Ontario Security Guard Code
of Conduct.

To learn more about how to work in Canada, visit the
Government of Canada website here:

To learn more about this Code of Conduct, visit the Private Security and Investigative Services Branch website here:

To learn more about the 80 plus criminal offences you would be screened for, visit the Government of Ontario E-Law website here.

Learn more about PSISA Fines and Regulations



Both in class training and online training is available. The requirement for all basic training courses is that they must be at least 40 hours long and include certification in first aid.

North East Security offers a 40 hour security training course with a higher level certification in first aid, Standard First Aid and Level C CPR. If you would like to register you can view upcoming courses on the Course Calendar here or contact 416 – 665 -1500 to speak with a representative and register.

You can see a list of government approved security training providers at the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services website here

You can download or view the mandatory topics which the training provider is required to cover in the 40 hour security training program on the Private Security and Investigative Services Branch website here


To be eligible for a security licence, you must have a valid first aid and CPR certification.

The minimum accepted level of first aid training is Emergency Level First Aid and Level A CPR (1 day of training).

The recommended level is Standard First Aid and Level C CPR, which is an extended program (2 days of training). This certification can give you an advantage over others and provides knowledge and skill in how to deal with additional emergencies.

You can learn more about Northwest Standard First Aid and Level C CPR training course here


Instead of waiting until you attain the security guard license to apply for jobs, you can speed up your job hunting by applying for the company providing the 40 hour security training.  Northwest Security provides free security guard training to applicants who qualify for a position. 



This number will be given to you upon completion of the 40 hour security program by your provider. You will need it to register for the Security Guard Test.


To register for the Ontario Security Guard Exam, visit the Serco website and choose “Schedule a Test” here

You can review the guidelines on the basic security test through the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services website here

How much is the test?
The price of the security test is $75.15 after tax.

Need help with studying?
Click for a useful practice test to help you with preparing for the exam.


You can apply for the license online through ServiceOntario or you can print out a hard copy application and send it in by mail.

The advantages of applying online are that you can check the status of your application in real time by logging into your account, and, online applicants can view a printable digital license as soon as their application is approved. The printed digital license can be used for proof of licensing until the hard copy license card is received in the mail.

It can take up to 30 days to finish processing a correctly completed application.


Every company has its qualities. Find the company that’s right for you. If you are interested in training, professional development, and career growth, you are welcome to apply with Northwest Security.


A security guard in Ontario provides comprehensive protection to property and people by undertaking patrols using a range of advanced weapons and sophisticated alarm systems. As a security guard or a security officer, you’ll have to walk the beat and guard public and/or private premises to thwart violence, theft, and felonies. At the same time, you should be adequately tech-savvy to make optimum use of complex security and alarm systems for preventing and averting crimes.

Security officers and guards also receive thorough training in using force to confront and arrest individuals suspected of being security threats. Many multinational corporations and public organizations besides recruiting security officers, also appoint security directors who supervise the overall security system. The private sector employs the majority of security guards and officers who safeguard the employer’s assets, possessions, and resources.

Security personnel not only offer physical protection to institutions and individuals vulnerable to threats and dangers but also detect and check cybercrime, financial crime, terrorism, and so on. Many security guards in Ontario pursue an online bachelor’s or associate’s degree in criminal justice to become law enforcement officers. If you want to know how to become a security guard in ONTARIO then read through to the end of this article.

First and foremost, you’ll need to have a security guard license in Ontario to work as a security guard, bouncer, or concierge in Ontario, Canada. This review elucidates how to get a security license in Ontario in a step-by-step manner. Armed with a security license in Ontario you’ll have it easy finding a job as a concierge, bodyguard, airport security officer, bouncer, and so on.   

You have to complete a professional training of 40-hour duration to earn your security guard license that’ll come in handy while applying to entry-level jobs. On the other hand the security license  Ontario will come to your aid when you switch jobs.


To qualify for earning a security guard license in Ontario you must meet or fulfill the following criteria:-

      • Must be at least 18 years of age (or older)
      • Should not have been convicted of any crime, misdemeanor, or transgression
      • Should be legally entitled/qualified to pursue a career in Canada
      • Must complete the mandatory training for security guards
      • Must clear the exam for security guards organized by the government
      • Should hold a valid CPR/Emergency First Aid certificate (you can get in touch with Northern Security for details about this certification)

Before you proceed to fulfill the obligations for getting a security guard license in Ontario keeps one important aspect in mind. You’re not eligible to get or renew a security license in case you’ve been declared guilty of a criminal offense but not exonerated. Check out this link that lists more than 80 types of crimes indexed in the Ontario regulation, Eligibility to Hold a License –Clean Criminal Record

You’ll have to abide by three basic steps to earn your license to work as a security guard anywhere in Ontario:-

Register and complete a certified security guard training program*

*You’ll have to acquire an Ontarian license even if you hold an authorized security guard license from any other Canadian territory or province notwithstanding. However, you may not have to undergo training or sit for the qualifying exam all over again. For more details about the above get in touch with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correction Services

The training program offered by Northwest Security complies with all the stipulations and prerequisites for security guard training in Ontario. The security license training program will make you thoroughly ready for the Ontario Security Guard Exam. You can easily follow the training methods and techniques as well as the preparatory tests, enabling you to assess your preparedness for the accreditation exam.

Sign up for the Security Guard Examination in Ontario by using the Training Completion Number you obtained after completing the training course

The basic security guard test in Ontario comprises 60 MCQ (multiple choice questions). You’ll need to complete the examination in 1 hour and 15 minutes and attain a score of 62% to clear the test. You’ll have to pay CDN $75.15 including HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) as examination fees.

If you do not clear the examination in the first instance, you can sit for the test repetitively until you pass. However, you’ll need to pay the obligatory fees each time you take the test. You can take the examination for receiving a security guard license in Ontario at specified or designated DriveTest centers throughout Ontario.

Visit the site to check out the different DriveTest centers and also to register for the exam. The test results are declared within five working days of appearing for the examination. You’ll receive an Ontarian testing completion number (which you’ll mention in your license application) only if your score is 62% (and higher).

Once you pass the test and achieve a score of nothing less than 62% you qualify to apply for a security guard license Ontario

If your test report card shows you have achieved a minimum of 62% then you’re eligible to send your application to

You must tender your application via your ServiceOntario online account or you can mail it to ServiceOntario’s office. Regardless of whether you send your application by post or submit it online, you’ll have to keep the following handy:-

      • A passport-size snapshot
      • The testing completion number
      • CDN$80 (for paying through a valid payment method depending on whether you’re applying online or via Canada Post/courier service)
      • An entitled guarantor or sponsor who will fill up and put his or her signature across the Guarantor Information Form
      • Scanned digital transcripts or photocopies of two legal government ID documents (one of these documents should corroborate that you’re permitted to work in Canada)

You’d be better off submitting your application online as sending the same through a postal service could take about 30 working days. If you fill-up the application form for obtaining a security license in Ontario correctly and send it online, the same might be approved within 10 working days. Alternatively, if you submit your application leaving it incomplete or complete it erroneously then it’ll be emailed back to you.

If your application is returned, you should resend the corrected form to Service Ontario within 90 working days, or else it’ll not be accepted. On the other hand, you’ll not be able to claim a refund of the exam fee.


You can start applying to different firms looking for trained security guards in Ontario after receiving your security license. Always carry your license along with you when reporting for duty. You may also have to produce the license tag whenever you are asked to.

You’ll have to renew your security guard license in Ontario every two years (counting from the day it was issued) to keep it valid.

We Are Always Here to Help Serve Our Community by Providing the Best in Class Security Service.

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