Industrial Security

When you need industrial security guards and services talk to the experts at Northwest Security and find out what makes us stand out from the crowd

Industrial Security Guards and Services

Northwest Security is a leading provider of professional industrial security guards and services. Our security guards are rigorously background-checked. highly trained and licenced to work in your location.

With industrial security guards and services available 24/7 in Ontario, Canada, we provide safety and security across all industrial sectors. Whether you need reliable security guards, the latest security technology upgrades, or mobile security services, we are a full-service company offering a comprehensive package of measures, including:

    • Static onsite security guards
    • Mobile patrols and emergency response services
    • Security guard dog and handler teams
    • Out-of-hours nominated keyholder services
    • Coordinated multi-site security
    • CCTV installation and monitoring
    • Security Auditing and Strategy Planning
    • Transport security escorting

Our industrial security services are suitable for:

    • Factories and other production facilities
    • Warehouses and distribution centres
    • Energy production facilities
    • Shipping and container ports
    • Green energy solar parks and wind farms
    • Logistics centres

Our Industrial Security Sectors

Northwest Security provides industrial security guards and services for all industry sectors

Warehouse Security

Warehouses are perpetually active, frequently operating 24 hours a day. Monitoring who and what enters your warehouse is a crucial aspect of security. We offer services that regulate access, safeguard your perimeter, and oversee vehicles entering and exiting your facility. From manned security to the latest technology, we can tailor a warehouse security service that caters to your specific needs.


Factory Security

When raw materials arrive and finished products depart, factory security services provide the necessary checks and controls. With large groups of staff and clients constantly coming and going, it’s crucial to ensure that everyone is authorised and safe on the premises. Our teams and technology can enhance security and provide you with complete control over your premises, ensuring a safe and secure environment.


Energy Industry Security

.The energy sector has kept Northwest Security busy for decades, and we have established a solid foundation of knowledge and experience. Energy production facilities typically feature large and widely distributed sites. We employ a variety of tactics, including CCTV monitoring, mobile patrols, static security guards, guard dogs, and even drone patrols, to keep watch on solar parks and wind farms covering vast areas.


Our Industrial Security Services

Flexible security services are designed around your specific needs. We will never load you with unnecessary add-ons or hidden charges.


Security Guards

Operating from local security hubs in towns and cities across Ontario, Canada, we offer a mix of experienced international security guards and local recruits who are fluent in your language and familiar with your culture. Our security guards are thoroughly trained, rigorously vetted, and fully licenced for your location. We back them up with high-quality training, advanced technology, and the latest monitoring and scheduling software.


Mobile Patrols

When you require an economical and highly visible alternative to static guards, consider mobile patrolling and emergency response. This service is particularly effective for companies with multiple site locations. Our guards operate both in vehicles and on foot to conduct thorough premises checks, either on a predetermined schedule or at random intervals. We are also equipped to respond swiftly to alarm activations.


Security Technology

We use security audits and assessments to determine the most effective industrial security strategies for your business. From CCTV and access control systems to time-saving patrol technology such as drones and intrusion detection sensors. With central monitoring stations available 24 hours a day, our security experts can use technology to detect and respond to security breaches in real-time



Contracting with Northwest Security

At Northwest Security, we recognise the importance of well-structured and adaptable contracting arrangements that benefit all parties. Our policy is to offer transparent contracting arrangements communicated in simple, everyday language.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence and the high standards we uphold for security guard services distinguish us from our competitors.

Our goal is to ensure complete satisfaction with our services. The service featured on this page is just one of our more specialised security guard services. Browse our website to discover more about what we can offer you.


We Are Always Here to Help Serve Our Community by Providing the Best in Class Security Service.

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