Construction Site Security

Tackle the costly and inconvenient problems of theft, vandalism and trespassing on your construction site today. Angleside provides effective construction site security and protection anywhere Ontario, Canada

Construction Security Guards and Services

Construction is a lucrative and tempting target for criminals, with high-value vehicles, materials, tools, and equipment stored on-site.

It only takes one small act of vandalism like graffiti to cause major expenses, and with the cost of materials and tools spiralling out of control, adequate construction site security has become increasingly important.

Compromising on security cover can lead to inconvenience, project delays, safety issues, and avoidable extra expenses.

Angleside provides a full construction site security package with targeted and cost-effective strategies aimed at keeping a lid on costs for our clients without compromising on security.

Whether your focus is on security technology and monitoring, physical perimeter security measures, or static and mobile security guard solutions, trust 1Northwest Security to provide the services you need.

Our construction security guards have the training, skills, and experience to work in a variety of construction environments, including:


    • Mass home-building projects
    • City regeneration
    • Road and rail infrastructure development
    • Large renovation projects
    • Industrial building schemes

Retail Security Services

Efficient and effective security solutions delivered by experts

We supply highly trained and motivated construction security guards fully licenced to work in your location. We recruit locally in your country and integrate new staff into our international teams. Whether you need static security guards to man entry barriers for access control, mobile security guards for foot and vehicle patrols, or surveillance experts to monitor technology feeds and orchestrate an emergency response, we have the personnel for the job. Angleside security guards have a well-deserved reputation as being some of the best around. This is a testament to our focus on vetting and ongoing training and supervision.
Whether you need to hook your existing systems up to our central monitoring stations for constant monitoring at vulnerable times or you need advice and guidance for installation, we are available to help. No mains power at your site—no problem. The latest generation of wireless and self-powered systems is available. You need to do more than record criminals in the act. Effective intervention using CCTV monitoring and rapid response can stop incidents in real-time before they become expensive
Physical site protection is one of the most basic and straightforward methods of securing a construction site. We achieve this by erecting appropriate barrier fencing around the perimeter. In many locations, a solid perimeter system for health and safety and to restrict visibility into the site is desirable. An effective perimeter funnels all traffic into and out of the building site through a barrier where authorisation can be checked and vehicles scanned for stolen items by security guards. Contact our experts for advice and guidance on perimeter security for construction sites

Our mobile security services are ready to respond immediately, 24/7, if an alarm is triggered or our monitoring teams detect suspicious activity. We can also deploy security patrols to make regular security inspections at scheduled or random intervals as a high visibility deterrent to thieves, vandals and trespassers

Our mobile security officers do much more than a drive-by. They are trained to exit the vehicle and thoroughly inspect the site perimeter, looking for evidence of security breaches or unusual activity.

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Why choose 1Northwest Security for construction site security?

Any risk assessment for a building site should include effective security measures. 1Northwest Security has provided effective and reliable construction site security systems throughout Ontario, Canada for decades

Security companies come and go, and some leave a messy situation for others to clear up and a bad reputation for the rest of us. 1Northwest Security has been around for decades, building on our success year after year. We understand that trusting a third party with your business security is a big step to take.

We have a proven track record in the industry with 100s of satisfied customers, including large corporations and international brands.

Our success is based on a commitment to working closely with our clients to ensure that they get security services that address their unique circumstances. We understand that one size rarely fits all, and as an agile and responsive company, we develop meaningful business relationships built on mutual trust and respect.

      • Vast experience in construction security
      • A full-service company
      • Rigorously vetted and highly trained security guards
      • Local security hubs across Ontario
      • Transparent and competitive pricing
      • Security designed around your circumstances
      • 24/7 backup and support services
      • Short- or long-term assignments are welcome
      • A focus on efficiency gains through the latest technology

We Are Always Here to Help Serve Our Community by Providing the Best in Class Security Service.

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