CCTV Security and Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring and Remote Guarding: Connect to our monitoring station for constant monitoring of your CCTV system. Intercept crime before it happens and eliminate false alarms

CCTV Security and Remote Monitoring

Whether you have existing CCTV systems to upgrade, need advice and guidance on the latest high-tech systems, or would like to connect yours to our central CCTV monitoring station, our CCTV and remote monitoring service can help.

How much use is a CCTV system that simply gathers evidence to be used after a crime has been committed? Introduce real-time monitoring, and they can be so much more than that!

CCTV Monitoring

CCTV monitoring, sometimes known as remote guarding, is an effective deterrent that also allows for a real-time response to suspicious activity. Systems can incorporate flood lighting, sirens, and audio capabilities, enabling remote monitoring personnel to issue an instant warning to anyone loitering nearby.

The Deterrent Effect

1Northwest Security provides a remote CCTV monitoring service that allows our clients to connect systems to our 24/7 monitoring station. Not only is this cost-effective; allowing monitoring schedules to be set by our clients, but it also deters criminals in real-time preventing crime from happening in the first place.

Flexible and Adaptable

This service is particularly suitable for businesses that close at night with no staff present on site, businesses where safety is a consideration when a lone worker is on-site, transport companies, retail stores, and construction businesses. We also provide monitoring services for residential properties and vacant properties.

Retail Security Services

Efficient and effective security solutions delivered by experts

The most effective CCTV coverage starts with auditing and planning. Assessing your site for vulnerabilities, planning the right technology, and planning the ideal placement of cameras for full coverage, need thorough expert input. With our extensive experience in security auditing for many of our services, 1Northwest Security can provide the expertise you need.
While we do not have our own installation service, we do have the insider expertise to guide you on the most effective technology for your unique circumstances. We can also point you in the right direction using our connections with some excellent CCTV system suppliers and installers
We operate 24-hour CCTV monitoring systems with facilities to connect most major CCTV manufacturer equipment into our system. Clients can set monitoring schedules to cover vulnerable times of day, weekends, and holidays. Suitable for commercial properties, homes, and vacant properties, our personnel can receive alerts for suspicious activity and either deliver real-time warnings, or alert our mobile patrol services or the local emergency services.
Through central control rooms and monitoring stations, we can use the latest tracking and mobile CCTV monitoring technology to maintain a watch over high-value deliveries and lone workers. From geo-location to the onboard CCTV security systems, if you need a constant watch on the safety and security of a vehicle, we can provide constant real-time monitoring and initiate an emergency response if anything untoward occurs

The Benefits

    • Real-time response to suspicious activity
    • Prevent crime and the cost of crime
    • Eliminate false alarms
    • Remote Guarding
    • Flexible and cost-effective
    • Initiate an instant emergency response

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Why choose 1Northwest Security for CCTV services?

Angelside has the teams, the technology, and the resources to offer an effective and efficient CCTV security service. With decades of experience in Ontario, trust us to deliver effective security services at value-for-money prices

Choose 1Northwest Security for reliable CCTV security solutions and experience the difference that working with seasoned professionals can make. With years of expertise and a solid track record, we are the preferred choice for businesses seeking top-notch CCTV security services.

At 1Northwest Security, we value building enduring and productive partnerships with our customers. Our flexible approach ensures that we collaborate closely with you to create security plans that not only mitigate risks but also suit your circumstances and available budget.

Our team is committed to delivering superior service and promoting the benefits of blending the latest technology with the skills of our security monitoring specialists

      • CCTV technology expertise
      • Security auditing and planning services
      • Rigorously vetted and highly trained security guards
      • Central monitoring stations connected to emergency response services
      • Transparent and competitive pricing
      • Flexible options to suit your circumstances
      • 24/7 backup and support services
      • Short- or long-term assignments are welcome

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